Master Alex Wong Qi Physician & Instructor was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the UK in 1970, His father was a Qi Gong Master and influenced him a lot whilst he was young.

Master Alex Wong liked to meditate a lot when he was young. Due to his health decline since he immigrated to the UK, he started to practice meditation again. He was encouraged to practice Qi Gong more when his health improved significantly by practicing meditation.

He has learnt many diferent kinds of Qi Gong. Finally he has choosen Spontaneous Five Animal Movement as his main Qi Gong title. He Has students from all over the world.

Master Alex Wong was chosen by a famous Shanghai Qi Gong couple as their disciple, together they taught him the Golden Pill Qi Gong and this special Qi (Chi) selfhealing therapy.

Master Alex Wong is always visiting other countries to teach ‘Spontaneous Five Animal Movement’ and use the Qi (Chi) selfhealing therapy. The results are always surprisingly good.

Master Alex Wong is one of the very few Qi Gong masters able to transmit Qi to students and patients. So thousands of people have benefited from this.

Master Alex Wong can diagnose accurately by using his fingers touching patient’s heads and healing patients efficiently by using his amazing Qi (Chi) selfhealing therapy. He has cured so many incurable illness’.

Master Alex Wong is working so hard to tell people about this Chinese traditional Qi (Chi) selfhealing therapy. In many cases he has an answer to many incurable illness’. He wants to pass on this special technique to disciples before it’s too late.


王冠球氣功醫師出生於香港, 70年代移民英國, 由於父親是氣功師, 能以童子鏡奇術, 替人追回失物, 自小受父親熏陶, 從小對打坐有獨愛, 來英後發覺體質變差, 因而重拾打坐訓練, 健康漸入佳境, 乃決心學練氣功, 曾先後學過香功, 回春功, 三浴功, 洗髓功, 內勁氣功, 一指禪, 鶴翔桩, 華佗五禽戲等…
後以華佗五禽戲為正宗, 進行總結改良, 在國內外教授學生, 現時學生遍佈中國, 港澳, 台灣, 馬來西亞, 星加坡, 歐洲, 美國…

80年代, 得蔣維喬(因是子)碩果僅存的弟子, 上海名氣功師柳培生周杏卿夫婦收入嫡傳弟子, 授予道家正統金丹功, 結丹以後, 再授絕世治病功法.

王冠球氣功醫師除了到世界各地傳授正宗華佗五禽戲之外, 更以絕世的氣功特異診療法給人治病, 治癒了不少奇難雜症, 效果超然.

王冠球氣功醫師是少有的不吝發氣給學生及病人的氣功師, 因此學功者與病人得益良多.
王冠球氣功醫師是用手指在頭部查病, 準確異常, 又以氣功特異診療法的全息推拿治療, 治好的病人、病症良多.

王冠球氣功醫師 已過花甲之年, 仍到處勞碌奔波, , 主要是宣傳中華此一傳統診療絕技, 可補目前中西醫之不足, 能治療許多奇難雜症, 解除病患者之痛苦與失望. 王冠球氣功醫師 更希望找到合適之傳人, 將正宗華佗五禽戲、 道家正統金丹功和氣功特異診療法絕技傳承下去.