What is the best medicine in the world?

The Best Medicine Can cure before the symptoms appeared;

Can diagnose the illness without asking patients;

Can find out the roots of the illness;

Can completely cure illness without using needles, medication or operation;

Can give patient good advice to promote their health and preserving their lives.

Master Alex Wong Qi Physician & instructor teaches Spontaneous Five Animal Movement Qi Gong. Through practice students can ‘self heal’ by themselves. After many years practice, students can promote their Qi to open up the famous ‘small circle’, ‘large circle’ and ‘golden pill’ meridians. Eventually this would mean they could use Qi (Chi) selfhealing therapy to heal patients.


1. 上醫治未病: 能治好尚未形成病徵的病症

2. 無須問病人而能正確查出病症

3. 能從病徵而正確探出病的根源

4. 無須用針, 藥而能將病徹底治癒

5. 能給予病人良好有效的養生知識

出生香港而於70年代移居英國的王冠球氣功醫師, 開設了氣功中心, 歷年來治好了無數奇難雜症病人, 使瞶者明, 聾者聰, 不孕者得嗣, 難行者步爽, 尚治癒無數心血管病人, 哮喘, 各種過敏, 腸胃病, 各種痛症, 抑鬱症, 憂慮症, 神經衰弱症…

王冠球氣功醫師更個別教授1800多年前由神醫華佗開創的五禽戲氣功, 此功法得氣快, 能自我治療, 并能級級上升, 通督任, 通小周天, 通大周天, 至結金丹. 為道家性命雙修之上乘功法.